Social Business 2014 is a different kind of conference. It is a journey, not just a destination.


Each session flows logically and seamlessly into the next. There are no concurrent sessions… so no choosing between sessions and speakers. We’ve made the tough decisions for you. Each speaker has been handpicked to fit the program. And it is a spruiker-free zone!



09:00 AM

09:20 AM

Why executives are less moved by technology and instead moved by business objectives

by Brian Solis

How specifically does social media impact your organisation, by function, department and overall? How is social media affecting customer behaviour?  How can your strategy address these answers while accelerating new and existing business priorities and objectives?

11:05 AM

The 21st century consumer

by Mark McCrindle

The times are changing faster than ever – technologically, demographically, socially, and economically. We need to understand what influences the 21st Century Consumer.

What is the real value of Social Media? What are the trends  across various industries ? What are the consumption patterns? What are the generational differences? What are the emerging segment opportunities?

11:30 AM

Creating engagement and loyalty in a social world

by Pete Williams

How to stay ahead of the competition.  How to keep abreast of changes in the social media markets.  How to innovate customer engagement.  How to manage customer loyalty.

12:00 PM

Customer experience innovation: Using data to create meaningful relationships

by Jeremy Crow

Learn how you can make sense of big data, gaining real customer insights to build a relationship

12:30 PM

#customerfails # customerwins

by Trevor Young

Customer experience: People love to talk about your service and your products.  It is the key driver of consumer conversations.  Conversation: Listen, ask questions, facilitate the conversations and actively take part in them…

02:10 PM

What does collaborative consumption mean for your business?

by Lauren Anderson

Driven by new technologies, massive environmental challenges and an uncertain financial climate, a new consumer shift called collaborative consumption is influencing how we live, work, play, create and consume. Lauren will outline the four big shifts that are reinventing industries, with key practical takeaways for companies that want to remain relevant and competitive in this new economy.

02:40 PM

It’s all about the content!

by Tim Reid

Social media is simply people having conversations on line… So to that end, it’s important for businesses of all sizes to create content that is interesting and helpful.  Tim will cover the areas:  What is content marketing? The principles underlying the creation of quality content – getting your editorial mission right.  Why is it so important? What forms does it take? What are the 3 key types of content marketing? How to creative quality content and how it effects a brand’s traditional marketing strategies.

03:05 PM

Getting executive buy-in for social media

by Joanne Painter  , Roger Seow  , Cat Matson  ,Roger Christie  ,

With Roger Seow (NAB), Cat Matson (Hearis & Australian Businesswomen’s Network), and Jo Painter (Icon PR).  Moderated by Roger Christie (Social2Business)  Panel discussion led by Roger Christie exploring how and why key business decision makers take the path towards social business adoption. This Q&A style session will probe panellists on the business aspects social media must address to be considered seriously by executive teams, what some of the common challenges are, and how to gain all-important leadership buy-in for your business. .


Why you need to be in the game

by Dionne Kasian-Lew

The risk of not being social — ‘why you need to be there’ !  Dionne Kasian-Lew busts some of the key myths executives have about social media which have kept them from engaging in it, creating a gap between consumer expectation and business behaviour that is impacting competitiveness.   In particular, Dionne looks at the importance of having a social media savvy executive prepared to propel change through every layer of the business and how businesses can leverage existing assets to remain relevant in a digital age.


Social media and the law

by Jamie White

Social business comes with big benefits.  But what are the legal risks? Learn about some high-risk areas connected to social media and how you can identify them.   Topics will include copyright, trade marks, spam, privacy and deceptive trade practices.

04:45 PM

Day one in review

by Pete Williams  , Brian Solis  ,

Incorporating social feedback from the day


09:10 AM

The power of creativity

by Todd Sampson

Creativity is one of the last remaining competitive advantages companies have today. This presentation is a celebration of the power of creativity in solving any problem – big, small, social, political, economic or environmental.  It works from the premise that ‘creativity has the power to change the world, but fear has the power to stop that from happening and the most successful leaders and  organisations of the future will be the ones that can successfully balance both’.

09:45 AM

Q&A with Todd

by Annabel Crabb

Annabel Crabb will quiz Todd on his presentation and take questions from the audience.  Your chance to put your ‘social’ questions to Todd in person!

09:55 AM

Let’s get social!

Hear from the major social players from an Australian context – Facebook,  Twitter and LinkedIn.  Hear what the research shows, what the statistics show and what are the future trends for this year and beyond.

10:00 AM


by Phillip Bonanno

Hear from Phillip Bonanno, Client Partner, Australia and New Zealand, Facebook

10:10 AM


by Jonno Simpson

Hear from Jonno Simpson,  Sport Partnership Manager from Twitter Australia

10:20 AM


by Matt Tindale

Hear from Matt Tindale, Director, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

11:05 AM

Case studies, case studies, case studies. And more case studies…

It’s what we all want to hear…  We will be joined by Telstra,  Australia Post, Beach Constructions , Government and Wieck Australia.

11:10 AM

Case study one – Telstra’s social journey

by Brett Cooper

The internal social journey: taking social beyond customer relations and marketing

11:30 AM

Case study two- Australia Post igniting your company culture

by Brady Jacobsen

How Australia Post has used social to reinvigorate its company culture.

11:50 AM

Case study three – Social government

by Craig Thomler

How Australian governments are becoming increasingly social and what business can learn from them.

12:10 PM

Case study four – Beach Constructions

by David Ogilvie

How did this man land a $4million contract on LinkedIn?

12:30 PM

Case study five- Wieck Australasia

by Warren Kirby

How do journalists use social media? Find out when Warren Kirby, CEO of Wieck Australasia, will deliver the findings of their whitepaper “PR Perceptions vs Media Realities”

12:50 PM

Case studies – on the couch!

Join our five presenters for a ‘social chat’ with Annabel Crabb.

02:20 PM

Hold the presses

by Isabelle Oderberg

If there was any doubt that the news industry is operating in a real time world, social media has proven it to be an absolute certainty. But how are news organisations working with platforms like Twitter and Facebook? Is it a threat or a benefit? Isabelle will give insight into how social media is being used to promote and gather news, as well as interact with readers.

02:45 PM

Online risks and crisis communication

by Gerry McCusker

Stop an online issue turning into a PR disaster. Increasingly, brands, celebs and government agencies are being flamed on social media; in fact, the risk to reputation has never been higher. So how do organisations productively engage social media without incurring additional reputation and PR disaster risks? Learn the secret yet sure-fire tools and tips to prevent a small online drama turning into a crisis

03.10 PM

Emergency services/crisis management

by Mark Bayly  , Jeanette Gray  ,

Hear from Victoria Police and HootSuite on how social media and emergency services can work together.


Back to basics

by David Pocock

Key measurements, optimisation, and getting back to basics of understanding what really matters in social media which all starts with search and SEO.

04:00 PM

Speed dating for tools… your social business tool kit

From 4-4.20 we will have HootSuite, Yammer, and Note8 and Streaka on the stage and we will look at some of the most effective tools you can use to manage, monitor and engage your social media campaigns.



by Jeanette Gray

Hear from Jeanette Gray on how you can improve  productivity by managing all of your social networks within HootSuite



by Andrew Berry

Hear from Andrew Berry, principal consultant at  Deontik and co-founder of Note8, a new social media monitoring tool aimed at corporates relating to managing ASX listing requirements.



by Helen Blunden

Hear from one of Yammer’s customers on their experience with Yammer.

04:20 PM


by Lachie Pennefather

Hear from Lachie Pennefather on how Streaka can help build your brand by sharing great experiences.


Closing remarks

by Annabel Crabb  , Brian Solis  ,

The party is over. Or is it just the beginning? Where to from here??


The wrap up

by Jordana Borensztajn

Jordana will provide us with some light and shade and help us to finish off Social Biz 14 on an absolute high! Prepare to be entertained….